C93200 Bronze

Nonferrous Metals

C93200 Bronze

CDA/UNS C-93200

Alloy 932 Bearing Bronze (C93200 Bearing Bronze 660)

Alloy 932 bearing bronze is recommended for bearing, bushings and wear plates.  This alloy also resists corrosion in seawater but not as well as the alloy 464 naval brass.  Bearing bronze is used for pump and valve components as well as automotive equipment and hoists.  Alloy 932 has good machining capabilities and excellent antifriction qualities.


Automotive fittings


Bearings for cranes, trunion bearings, roll neck bearings, rolling mill bearings, linkage bushings for presses, fuel pump bushings, water pump bushings, diesel engine wrist pins bushings, forging press toggle lever bearings, hydraulic press stuffing box, hydraulic press main lining, insert bearings, bearings, thrust washers, pumps, bushings, machine parts, pump impellers, general purpose bushings, fittings, pump fixtures, main spindle bearings, machine tool bearings


(%max., unless shown as range or min.)
  Cu(1) Al Sb Fe Pb Ni(2) P(3) Si S Sn Zn
Min.Max  81.0-85.0 .005 .35 .20 6.0-8.0 1.0 .15 .005 .08 6.3-7.5 1.0-4.0
Nominal  83.0  -  -  - 7.0  -  -  -  - 6.9 2.5