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Copper Alloy C18200
Chromium Copper

Discover the Superior Performance of C18200 Chromium Copper Alloy

C18200 Chromium Copper, an alloy renowned for its unique combination of strength and conductivity, has become increasingly popular in various industries. Adding chromium to copper increases strength and wear resistance, making C18200 well-suited for applications that require both durability and high electrical conductivity. This alloy manufactures electrical contacts, resistance welding components, and electrodes.

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Industries Typically Served

C18200 Chromium Copper is extensively utilized in electrical, industrial, and consumer industries, where components demand high strength, conductivity, and resistance to elevated temperatures.


C18200 Chromium Copper’s remarkable combination of strength and thermal conductivity makes it ideal for crafting electrode holders, heat sinks, various structural parts, and other industrial applications.


C18200 Chromium Copper’s high electrical conductivity make it a popular choice for creating electrical components such as switch contacts, semiconductor bases, cable connectors, and other similar applications.


C18200 Chromium Copper’s exceptional heat resistance and conductivity make it an ideal choice for soldering gun tips and rod extensions, ensuring efficient and reliable performance in high-precision soldering tasks.

More About the Material

Additional Characteristics of Chromium Copper

One of the key attributes of C18200 Chromium Copper is its impressive resistance to softening at elevated temperatures, which ensures the retention of its mechanical properties even under extreme conditions. This characteristic makes it ideal for aerospace, automotive, and heavy machinery industries, where components are subjected to high heat and stress. With its optimal balance of formability, conductivity, and strength, C18200 Chromium Copper is a go-to material for engineers and manufacturers seeking innovative solutions for demanding applications.

Product Specs & Information

For more information on C18200 Chromium Copper, refer to its detailed chemical composition and safety data sheet, which provides in-depth insights into the material’s properties, handling, and safety precautions to understand its applications and benefits better.

Cu Cr Fe Pb Si
Min./Max Rem. .6-1.2 .10 .05 .10
Nominal 99.1 .9
Group A Copper Base Alloys Hardness Rockwell Conductivity % I.A.C.S. Yield Strength KSI (typical) Ultimate Tensile Strength (typical) Elongation % *(typical)
Size Range in MM Class 2 Class 2 Class 2 Class 2 Class 2
Diameter – Round Stock (cold worked)
Up to 1″ Up to 22 75 HRB 75% 55 65 13%
Over 1″ to 2″ Over 25 to 51 70 HRB 75% 55 59 13%
Over 2″ to 3″ Over 51 to 76 65 HRB 75% 55 55 13%
Thickness – Square, Rectangle and Hexagonal Bar Stock (cold worked)
Up to 1″ Up to 25 70 HRB 75% 45 65 13%
Over 1″ Over 25 65 HRB 75% 40 55 13%
Thickness – Forgings
Up to 1″ Up to 25 65 HRB 75% 45 55 13%
Over 1″ to 2″ Over 25 to 51 65 HRB 75% 45 55 13%
Over 2″ Over 51 65 HRB 75% 40 55 13%
all all 55 HRB 70% 20 45 12%
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Upgrade Your Industrial Solutions with C18200 Chromium Copper

Discover unparalleled performance by incorporating C18200 Chromium Copper into your projects, ensuring enhanced durability and efficiency in applications such as soldering, electrical components, and structural parts. Contact our team of experts today to learn more about this versatile alloy and elevate your industrial capabilities.

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