C26000 Brass

Nonferrous Metals

CDA/UNS C-26000

Alloy 260 Brass (Cartridge Brass)

Brass 260 is excellent for use in corrosion resistant applications. Produces good finish appearance. Welds well with proper equipment. Easy to drill, machine, saw and punch. Applications for this alloy would include braces, brackets, frames, base plates, ornamental work, ect.

Typical Uses

Electrical connectors, radiator cores, tanks, heater cores, radiator tanks, odometer contacts, thermostats, radiator tube.

Reflectors, lamp fixtures, flashlight shells, screw shells, terminal connectors

Sound proofiing equipment, heat exchangers, wire screens, pump cylinders, tubing for insutrments and machines, air pressure conveyer systems, liners, springs, power cylinders, pumps, bead chain.

Ammunition cartridge cases, ammunition, mechanical housings for ammunition.

Washers, stensils