C17200 Beryllium

Nonferrous Metals

CDA/UNS C-17200

Class 4 Beryllium Copper (RWMA C17200)

C17200 Beryllium Copper has extremely high hardness and ultimate tensile strength although the electrical conductivity is lower than the Class 3 copper.  It is generally recommended as electrode material for special flash, flash butt and projection welding applications where pressures are extremely high and wear is severe but where heating is not excessive.  It is available as wrought material for highest quality dies and electrodes and may also be obtained as high strength castings. It is used frequently in the forms of inserts and die facings, and may also be used for seam welder bushings. Class 4 copper is available in the annealed condition, in this state it can be more readily machined and may be subsequently heat treated to maximum hardness.

Copper Beryllium alloys derives their high strength through heat treament and,in the case of small cross section wroght forms, cold working.  The amount of cold work and the type of heat treatment determine the alloy's properties.  The combination of cold work and heat treatment define the alloy's temper.

Temper Designations

Wrought Products
A (TBOO) Solution annealed. Softest temper.
H (TD04) Solution annealed and fully cold-worked.
AT (TF00) Precipitation hardened A temper.
HT (TH04) Precipitation hardened H temper. Hardest temper.

Cast Products
C (M01/M03) As cast (sand/investment). Slighly harder than annealed temper.
CT (011) Cast and precipitation hardened. Moderatley hard.
A (TB00) Solution annealed.
AT (TFOO) Solution annealed and precipitation hardened. Hardest cast temper.

C17200 Beryllium Copper Safety Data Sheet