C 18000 Beryllium Free

Nonferrous Metals

Typical Uses

Resistance welding tips, resistance welding wheels and fixtures, stud welding collets and tips, sprue bushings, cavities for injection molds, hot runner systems for injection molds, welding dies for wire and flash, blow pins, pinch offs, core and ejector pins for injection molds, plunger tips for metal die casting machines, heat sink inserts in steel plastic molds.

Class 3 Beryllium Free Copper (C18000)

Beryllium Free (180000) meets the mechanical requirements of RWMA Class 3 Copper.

C18000 is utilized when a combination of very good mechanical strength along with moderate electrical and thermal electrical conductivity are required.  C18000 is a viable substitute for C17500 and C17510 for many applications.  C1800 is a heat treatable copper alloy.

 C18000 Safety Data Sheet